TANECO: Smokestack

Demonstration of the smokestack gas analyzer

Demonstrate the operation of the smokestack gas analyzer, for the year of ecology and public spaces in the Republic of Tatarstan

TANECO is a modern enterprise in the oil refining industry of Russia, which is of strategic importance for the development of the Tatarstan economy and is a part of the Tatneft Group.

2017 in Tatarstan was devoted to the problems of ecology and public spaces. Our partners turned to us with the task: to develop a VR application that demonstrates the operation of gas analyzers inside industrial chimneys.

Based on the photo and video materials, we modeled a realistic model of the pipe and the exterior around it. According to the scenario, the entire process of supplying smoke to the pipe and analyzing this smoke was restored in VR.

For the first time the simulator was demonstrated at the ecologists forum held at the TANECO complex in the city of Nizhnekamsk.

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